Did You Have Something Done?
4 Ways to Respond to Wisconsin laser skin treatment and Common Post-Treatment Question

After receiving a cosmetic treatment, you feel wonderful. You did something that you may have been considering for a while, and it’s made you look and feel better than ever.

One part of you might want to shout it from the rooftops, but another part might be anxious about people asking questions about your appearance. The change is subtle, but loved ones whom you see often might notice something different and inquire about it.Chatting

Instead of feeling unsure about how to respond, be prepared. Consider how you’ll address possible questions and pick the way that makes you most comfortable.

1. Honesty Policy

Your first option is just 100% truth-telling. If a good friend or family member tells you how great you look and asks what’s new, you can always tell them exactly what treatment you had done. Though there may have been some taboos about cosmetic treatments in the past, most are long gone now. Even celebrities are making their appearance enhancements public knowledge.

If you’re happy with the results, don’t feel as if you need to keep it a secret. You can show that you’re totally comfortable with yourself and your decisions by being candid about your process. What lead you to the decision? How did you chose a laser practitioner? What was it like? Most likely, you’ll be met with more curiosity than judgment.

2. Mystery

What you reveal about your personal decisions about your body is entirely up to you. You have no responsibility to share anything that you don’t want to. If you’d rather not discuss your treatment, don’t. Even a pointed question like, “Why do you look different?” can be reasonably met with a somewhat evasive answer.

One handy way to avoid showing your cards is by planning another, more obvious change at the same time as your cosmetic treatment. Get a new pair of glasses, hair style or makeup and just point that out when anyone asks. That allows you to give a direct answer without discussing anything you don’t want to.

3. Just EnoughSpa Woman

A great way to respond to inquiring minds is to give a half-answer. You can just allude to a lovely day at the spa, without giving too much detail as to exactly what you did there. Treatments that are done well are very subtle anyway, so it would be perfectly believable to credit your enhanced look to some pampering and de-stressing at your local spa. It’s just the glow of a good massage and a soothing mud mask, right?

4. Recommendation

You may find that the people who are most insistent about asking what you had done are actually looking for information for themselves. They may suspect that you’ve had a treatment that they’ve been considering, and they want to hear about your experience. In case you’re not sure, you can always reference the treatment and ask outright if they’ve ever thought about it. If that’s the case, you very well could end up being a welcome source of information to a good friend looking for advice.

There’s really no wrong way to answer the question, “Did you have something done?” It’s personal, and your decision about how to reply should be personal as well. Remember that your satisfaction with the treatment and your feelings about the results are the only things you need to think about at all.