WebMD - Laser Hair RemovalThere are many ways to have unwanted or unsightly body hair removed these days. People purchase an array of hair removal products, including 5-bladed razors for shaving, waxing products and even chemical peels to remove body hair at home. Or they can see a dermatologist or visit a spa for more advanced treatments, including electrolysis and laser hair removal procedures. The most popular form of professional-grade body hair removal is laser hair removal. So, what is it and how effective is it?



Laser Hair Removal Facts

Laser treatment is a process that uses the pulsating and intense light of a laser beam to permanently damage a hair’s follicle. The hair follicle is located under the skin and is where a hair begins growing. The light of the laser is able to penetrate the patient’s skin without harming it, where it is attracted to the dark color of the hair’s follicle. Once the laser travels down the hair’s shaft and enters the follicle, it causes it to become damaged. The result of this is that the hair either stops growing all together, or it grows back less coarse and lighter in color.

Why do people choose to use laser procedures to get rid of their unwanted body hair? Because it is effective. It will take between 6 and 9 treatments spread out over 6-12 months to fully remove all of the growing hair, but once the treatments are complete the hair can be gone forever. It requires this many treatments because the laser only targets the growing follicles of hair, and not all follicles are active at the same time. Multiple treatments make sure that all phases of hair growth are targeted and that their follicles are destroyed.

While these procedures can be very effective, their effectiveness will vary from person to person. People with light skin and dark hair will see the best results, while people with lighter hair and darker skin may require additional treatments to achieve satisfactory results. The procedure has a few side effects, mostly itching, redness and swelling immediately around the follicle for several hours. Patients usually experience mild discomfort during the procedure.

Laser procedures are very popular because they are effective ways to remove unwanted body hair and they have very few risks and side effects associated with them.

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