I have no scarring or skin discoloration

Aaron & Cherie are so friendly and accomodating. I just had my last session of laser tattoo removal…I have no scarring or skin discoloration and my tattoo was hardly visible even before this last session. Aaron always keeps me well informed of what to expect and Cherie is so organized and always gives reminders and confirms appointment times etc. Great team, great services.
– Ashley


Very Professional.

Very Professional. I had an appointment with another place, but a friend of mine recommended me switching as she was happy with the removal she had done. So far, (3 treatments in), I have been very glad I made the switch. Aaron is extremely knowledgeable. He uses professional equipment and you can tell he has a lot of experience with removing tattoos which you can feel more comfortable about being scar-free. I plan on using Aaron and The Cosmetic Laser Center to remove my final tattoo when this one he is currently working on is finished. Thanks Aaron.
– John


Just had 5th and Final Treatment

Just had 5th and final treatment to have tat removed. I’m almost kinda sad. Not because tat is gone but I don’t get to see owners Aaron & Cherie any more. The service they provide is top notch. The new location in La Crosse is awesome. (didn’t hafta drive to Sparta this time) Definitely will recommend and rate 5 stars!!!

Aaron is Excellent!

Aaron is excellent, if not the best, cosmetic provider in Wisconsin. What’s more, he is just one heck of a good guy. I highly recommend CLC!

I highly recommend Aaron and The Cosmetic Laser Center

In the past I had a “Permanent Makeup” procedure done on my eyebrows which is comparable to a tattoo. I was very unhappy with the results and explored various options to change things.I searched through the the many possibilities and found “The Cosmetic Laser Center” to make an appointment for a consultation since I was so hesitant.
I met with Aaron who Immediately put me at ease. He stated that the color would soften with several treatments and there would be some hair loss that would grow back in about 6 months. He also said that he would take extra time to ensure me that there would be no scarring. He thoroughly explained the procedure and answered all my questions. Aaron suggested that that I take time to think about proceeding with the treatments and did not pressure me at all.
I did make the decision to to go ahead with partial removal and am truly satisfied with the results. My eyebrow hair has grown back much quicker than expected and they look remarkably better!
Aaron’s professionalism and genuine concern in providing quality care and positive results is noteworthy. I highly recommend Aaron and “The Cosmetic Laser Center” to anyone considering laser treatments.

Professional, Accurate, and Amazing Results

Professional, accurate, and amazing results with tattoo removal. It’s like that bad decision never happened. Thanks very much Aaron!!!

Loving the Results!

I am so thankful that I’ve found Aaron and The Cosmetic Laser Center! …I am on treatment four, and loving the results! I’d recommend calling or making an appointment to learn more if you’re thinking about getting rid of a tattoo you don’t like. I had thought on it for a while, and I’m glad I finally just went for it… I inquired and got started soon after (& actually decided to remove two at the same time.) My tattoos are disappearing scar free, 🙂 …so far they have visibly changed from each treatment to the next. Aaron is very knowledgeable, and is always there for questions along the way. If you want you tattoo gone, these are the people you want to work with!

Fast and Amazing Results

Client of The Cosmetic Laser Center of Green Bay

Kaela, the daughter of the owner at Haven Salon & Spa (our Green Bay location), recently began laser treatments for acne. She recounts her experience on their blog.

Last week I had my first laser treatment with The Cosmetic Laser Center. I was surprised how painless and short the appointment was. After only 15 minutes the treatment was done and I was able to put my make up on immediately after the treatment. I expected the laser to be hot and painful. Instead, I was happy to feel the quick blasts of cold air which made the appointment go by fast.

Thanks for the glowing review, Kaela!

Fixing a Competitor’s Botched Tattoo Removal

I had tattoo removal treatments at another unnamed place that left me very unsatisfied with the treatment of this particular tattoo. That clinic was a little bit impersonal and sort of stuffy, but they were offering a certain discount for the month of May for the introduction of their newest laser.

Even with the “discount” they were twice as much as The Cosmetic Laser Center, but I wanted to try it out anyway. Upon having the treatment done, it was quite a bit more painful than previous treatments I had done at The Cosmetic Laser Center. They also wrapped it with bandage materials and advised I used a triple antibiotic ointment for the aftercare as well. Later that night my arm had begun blistering something terrible, which I learned later is a sign of being over treated. The area had continued to blister for days, forcing me to wear bandages most of the time and having to repeatedly explain to people what was wrong with my arm….very annoying I might add and left me nervous that these blisters may lead to scarring.

This was for me an expensive and painful lesson learned. I can’t say I regret going to this other clinic because I learned how overall my experiences and treatment from The Cosmetic Laser Center where significantly better. The prices of treatments (which get discounted if you have multiple areas), to decreased pain upon treatments, after care and the fact that they pride themselves in minimal to no scarring results, meaning not over treating nor promising results in so many treatments. I have only had the tiniest little blister once out of my two treatments here and I blame myself for that for not icing enough the first few hours after my appointment.

The Cosmetic Laser Center was upfront about how long it may take and they even started to lengthen the time between treatments once the area started to fade. The key in their success of not scarring their patients. I’m very happy with the services I have received at The Cosmetic Laser Center and will continue for as long as my tattoos need to be removed. I’m very much looking forward to the results I anticipate will come after more treatments.