Deciding on where to go for your laser tattoo removal can be a difficult decision. We are passionate about what we do and how we do it at each of our nine Wisconsin locations.. There are many reasons why we believe you should contact the Cosmetic Laser Center but here are just a few:

Owner Operated

Having an owner-operated technician means that Aaron is there for you every step of the way with a personalized plan for removal. With 16 years of experience in laser removal and an accreditation as a Fellow in the American Society for Laser in Medicine (ASLMS) means you are in excellent hands. This is not 16 years of experience spread out over multiple technicians as you’ll see other places boast!

Physician Directed

Your tattoo removal experience is physician directed if needed, and we offer flexible per-treatment or pay-as-you-go pricing

The Tattoo Removal Guarantee

The Cosmetic Laser Center will guarantee a maximum number of treatments for every tattoo we treat.

The guarantee is based upon the intervals set fourth by your Technician. Treatments will be 12 weeks apart in the beginning and 6 months apart for the last couple of treatments but the treatment intervals will always be at the complete discretion of the Technician. These intervals allow the body the appropriate amount of time to remove the treated ink.

If we fail to remove the tattoo in the guaranteed amount of treatments you will be treated at no additional charge until the tattoo is gone.

Proprietary Techniques

We use proprietary techniques that remove the most stubborn colors completely and we specialize in scar free removal.

Comfortable Tattoo Removal Experience

The tattoo is prepared with a Zimmer Cryo 6 treatment which completely freezes the area and we utilize Syris 900 headsets which allow us to monitor your treatment reaction at a microscopic level, resulting in maximum removal of ink while minimizing damage to the skin. This means the most comfortable tattoo removal experience for you PERIOD.


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