imagesDo you know what factors really make your skin age? As we begin to age (right around age 30) our skin begins to lose its elasticity. While this is a normal part of the aging process, there are some outside factors you can actively reduce to help slow down the aging process.

1. Smoking: There’s no two ways about it, smoking is detrimental to your skin. It accelerates the aging process, forming deep lines and wrinkles around your mouth and nasal labial folds as well as giving skin an unhealthy pallor.

2. Tanning: There is no such thing as a “healthy tan”. A tan means one thing: skin damage. Tanning means that the UV rays have penetrated the dermis and underneath begin damaging the skin’s vital lymphatic and collagen support system.

3. Alcohol: Alcohol dries the skin and can form broken capillaries in areas where blood flow is compromised. Reduce your alcohol consumption to see clearer more vibrant skin!

4. Eat a healthy and varied diet: A diet high in sugar, fats and refined foods affects your hormonal balance and can cause breakouts in your skin, even well beyond your teenage years.

Despite doing everything right, genetics also do play a part in our skin aging. If you’re feeling not as youthful as you once were we’re here with some solutions. From our IPL Rejuvenation or our EndyMED DEEP Pro 3 or our Fractional Resurfacing, we’ll be able to guide you to the service that will get you results. With 9 locations throughout Wisconsin, we got you covered.