Have you heard about IPL photorejuvenation? We have the capability and success to perform this treatment in all of our Wisconsin clinics including Milwaukee, Madison WI and Green Bay. IPL photorejuvenation, also known as Intense pulsed light photorejuvenation or Intense pulsed light photofacial, is a skin care treatment that uses laser resurfacing to addresses a variety skin conditions or discoloration of the skin such as:

  • acne scar removal
  • birthmarks
  • blemishes
  • sun-induced age spots, freckles or wrinkles
  • Rosacea treatment
  • unsightly veins
  • hair removal
  • reds and brown spots on face caused by sun damage

Photorejuvenation can be used to treat these conditions on almost any area of the body.

What is intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy?

IPL Photorejuvenation was pioneered by Dr. Patrick Bitters Jr. and Dr. Stephen Mullholland and is intended to treat skin conditions and improve the overall appearance of the skin by removing red and brown sundamage. During a procedure, specific wavelengths of light are applied to the sun damaged or discolored area. These wavelength absorb selectively in to two targets, melanin (brown) and Hemaglobin (red). When the energy is absorbed into the brown melanin, the energy becomes heat and bakes the melanin like a crust of bread. Within a few hours the melanin will become as much as 50% darker and the over a 10-14 day period will gently slough off, leaving behind cleaner, clearer more beautiful skin. When the energy absorbs into the red hemoglobin, the energy again converts to heat causing the blood vessels coagulate and shut down. Some of these vessels will disappear immediately while others will be reabsorbed by the body between a 2 and 3 week period. There are many claims that Intense pulsed light Photorejuvenation will stimulate collagen. While there may actually be some collagen stimulation and skin tightening, I would never recommend this procedure if your primary concern is lines and wrinkles.

Is IPL photorejuvenation safe?

The first few hours (3-4) after the treatment your skin will be red and feel like a mild sunburn. We recommend soft gel ice packs for the first several hours after the treatment to help get the heat out of the skin. This will also minimize the potential for swelling and should help redness go away quicker. Within eight hours of the treatment any brown spots you have will become 25-35% darker. This is the expected initial outcome of the treatment. Over the next 14 days the brown spots will naturally and gently slough off. By week 3 your skin should start showing a marked improvement and will continue to improve through week 6. The end result, whether you need one or a series of treatments will be clearer, brighter and fresher skin.

Are multiple treatment sessions recommended?

In many cases, we see exceptional results after one treatment but depending on the severity of the sun damage, a series of treatments may be necessary.

What is the average cost of IPL treatment?

$300 per treatment for a full face

Are there side effects associated with IPL photorejuvenation?

The side effects associated with Intense Pulsed Light are temporary. The milder ones are redness of the treated area along with a mild sunburn sensation. Brown spots will turn temporarily darker and will slough off in 7-10 days. The more severe of the temporary side effects are swelling and bruising. while rare they can occur but are temporary and will resolve.

What are the advantages of IPL photorejuvenation vs. laser treatment?

Many! The current Intense Pulse Light technology has a built in cooling tip that contacts the skin, cooling the skin before, during and after each pulse. The Intense Pulse Light treats reds and browns simultaneously. There are very few if any lasers that can treat browns and reds in the same treatment or that offer contact cooling.

I am so excited to have just finished my 2nd IPL photorejuvenation treatment this week which was performed by Aaron! I have rosacea and my skin is usually bright red after just 2 treatments I have seen a big improvement! I can not wait for everyone to see the before and after pictures in a few months! I also just finished my 3rd treatment of EndyMed 3DEEP Pro if you want to tighten your skin YOU have got to try this I can already see the difference! If you want to change something about your skin DO it talk to Aaron and make the changes that you know that you want!! –Jayne