Importance of Anti-Aging Supplementation and Diet for Skin Care

In the world of anti-aging the trends definitely lean towards device oriented improvements. In other words, if something is wrong with my skin there must be a device to correct it. While the device available today and their advances in technology allow us to make great improvements in skin care they are only one part of the puzzle. The part of the anti-aging equation that is often ignored is our nutrition. If you are dedicated to keeping your skin young or are in the process of trying to regain your youthful skin you absolutely need to be supplementing and adding super foods to your diet.


Let’s start with the question; How will supplementation and diet help slow the aging process. Our bodies are engines, food (fuel) goes into our bodies to fuel our engine (energy). Just like an automobile there are clean fuels (foods) and Dirty fuels (foods). Clean Fuels will help clean your engine (body) and produce less pollution. Dirty fuels (foods) will cause your engine to run poorly your plugs will fowl and your fuel injectors become dirty. These same principals apply to your body, eat healthy foods and you will slow aging damage caused by cellular metabolism, you will have less metabolic waste while your body has more efficient energy (food) to burn.

Where do supplements come in? No matter how good our diets are we cannot possibly give ourselves enough nutrition to be optimally healthy so even the healthiest individuals can you a little or maybe a lot of help. Supplements in large part are concentrated doses of antioxidants and antioxidants will bind with free radicals (byproduct of metabolism) at the cellular level (free radicals damage your cells) and neutralize them. Keeping your cells healthy and strong helping to prevent disease and oxidative stress that prematurely ages us.

Make sure you’re following this series as I will be listing multiple supplements and superfoods that you should have in your diet and supplement regimen to optimize the health of your skin and slow the aging process.