anti-aging milwaukeeEvery year when Wisconsin gets its first warm weekend of the year you will see people outdoors enjoying that warm sun they haven’t seen in months. Unfortunately, the one thing they forget is that even in the early spring months when the sun is not nearly as strong as midsummer, you can still get a skin-damaging sunburn. To protect your skin, you need to make sure proper sunscreen application is part of your everyday regime!

So what does “proper application” mean? Most people do not apply the recommended amount of sunscreen in the recommended time. Here’s some guidelines on the right application:

  • For full body application, the recommended amount is 1 ounce (equivalent to one shot glass) for your entire body.
  • For face and neck application, the recommended amount is an nickel sized dollop. Add in your chest and it should be closer to a quarter.
  • If you are outdoors and not doing physical exercise where you are sweating, a liberal application will last about 4 hours.
  • Add in swimming or exercise, and you should be doing liberal applications every two hours, even if the sunscreen says it’s waterproof.

Sunscreen should be applied 20 minutes prior to exposure for maximum benefits. This allows the sunscreen to permeate your pores. The exception to this is titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which activate immediately. These sunscreens make a great choice for your hands if you are gardening or for small kids who may be in a hurry to get out in the sunshine!

Ladies, don’t rely just on the sunscreen found in your make up or foundation. While these do provide some degree of sun protection, they are not designed to protect you on the beach. If you’re going to pair sunscreen with your foundation, apply the foundation first, let it set and then apply the sunscreen for the most protection.

Have old sunscreen bottles from years before? Toss them out and buy new. Try a variety of sunscreen types to see which work best with your skin and your busy lifestyle!

To motivate you more to start using sunscreen sooner than later- remember that the almighty sun can cause wrinkles, age spots, and more serious and severe damages. At the Cosmetic Laser Center, we are able to help remedy sun-induced age spots, freckles or wrinkles with IPL or Photorejuvenation technology.