imgresWe all do our best to age gracefully and earn those laugh lines, but when mother nature has dealt you a few more than you would like we’re here to help with Intensive Pulsed Light rejuvenation in our Milwaukee clinics. As we age our skin is prone to wrinkle, form age spots, and you may see the markings of rosacea, more commonly known as”flushing” of the skin. The external causes of these conditions are caused by many different factors such as diet, skin type, environment and exposure to the sun. All of these factors will produce different aging conditions to the skin with different people. No two people are alike and should have the same cookie-cutter treatment! It’s important that your IPL photorejuventation is tailored to your specific damage as well as your specific skin type and our trained technicians will work with you to achieve the results you are looking for.

How does it work? The IPL device emits light-waves that are targeted at the unwanted site. These beams pass through the skin and fragment the area and then the pigment is absorbed by the body, making them less noticeable. This is achieved by a series of treatments, but in many cases you’ll see results as soon as the first treatment is completed. The procedure itself has minimal discomfort often described as a “slight stinging” most noticeable on your first visit. As you skin improves and becomes healthier, the discomfort decreases. Your personalized plan will be discussed on your first visit so you will fully understand how many procedures will be needed over the weeks you will undergo the IPL rejuvenation.

Some people will have slight redness or some minimal bruising, but the symptoms will resolve quickly and make up can be applied if you need to be “camera ready” within a few days of the treatment. And added benefit to the treatment is the skins response to produce more collagen, which means smoother skin with an overall more even tone. Other results that you may see will include a reduction of fine lines and a decrease in the red tones that are often most apparent on nose and cheek areas.

With 9 locations in Wisconsin we’re here to help give you the confidence that you are the best looking “you” you can be. Contact us today to find out more.