In Milwaukee, Green Bay and all over Wisconsin, EndyMed 3 Deep Pro brings revolutionary technology to skin tightening with phase controlled energy delivery. Assuring energy is being delivered to the deep connective tissue while the surface of the skin stays comfortable.
Wrinkle removal with skin tightening and smoothing of the

  • Face and Neck
  • Arms and Legs
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks

The EndyMed 3Deep Pro uses state of the art technology to deliver safe, consistent and effective treatments. The cost of EndyMed 3 Deep Pro laser treatments are significantly less expensive than the use of Thermage devices, which require costly consumable tips. We are no longer limited to how much treatment we can do in an area. With the EndyMed we can do as much or as little skin tightening as necessary to achieve the desired effect, WITHOUT the significant pain that is associated with other skin tightening devices. The Endymed 3 Deep Pro feels like a hot facial massage.


How does EndyMed 3DEEP Pro work?

The process that is taking place under your skin is the same process all devices use to accomplish skin tightening. Some just do it better than others. As the energy is delivered to your skin, your skin resists the movement of the energy. When that happens the energy converts to heat and the heat eventually will trigger a mild reaction from your Collagen and Connective tissues that signals the start of a regenerative process that will tighten and smooth your skin.

Before the treatment

You will go through a thorough consultation with Aaron. During the consultation you will be assessed as to whether or not you are a candidate for the procedure. Your expectations and desired outcome will be discussed and compared to what the procedure will provide.

During Treatment

The Day of your treatment you should come in without any makeup, sunscreens or lotions on your skin. Pretreatment photos will be taken at your first treatment. You will be given a headband to hold your hair back. Aaron will apply ultrasound gel to your skin which allows the energy to safely conduct across the skin barrier. Once all these thing are done we will begin the treatment. The applicator will contact your skin and you will feel very light pressure along with very mild warmth as the applicator is moved around your skin. As the treatment progresses you will notice the mild warm feeling increasing until it feels like a hot facial massage. Throughout the procedure your skin temperature will be monitored with an infrared thermometer to assure that we are getting the exact amount of energy delivered. No under treatment, no over treatment.

After Treatment

Immediately following the treatment your face will look like it is already lifting. This is temporary and in most cases will be gone the next day. After treatments 2 through 6 you will notice the results starting to last longer each time as your body begins the process of regenerating the Collagen and Connective tissue. One of the great benefits with the 3 Deep technology is that there is absolutely no downtime. You can immediately resume your normal activities. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!

How many treatments will I need?

The standard recommendation is 6 treatments every 3 to 6 weeks. We have found by doing 2 treatments on one day (one right after the other) that we see faster and better results. In some cases, if you have moderate to severe laxity we may recommend 3 to 6 additional treatments.

How long before I see results?

The regenerative process taking place is slow and steady. Usually between your second and third treatment you will start to see subtle changes and you should continue to see subtle changes for 3 to 6 months after your final treatment.


A series of 6 treatments are sold in a package for $2100, this comes out to $350 per treatment. The reason we sell packages for your initial series of treatments, is that many people will do 1 or 2 treatments and be dissatisfied because they are not allowing the amount of time necessary for the body to regenerate new tissue and then they quit. Not only have they wasted their money but then they believe the process doesn’t work, when in fact it does. Once you have gone through the initial series of treatments we will make a recommendation for maintenance. Maintenance treatments can be paid one treatment at a time and depending on the maintenance package you choose they will be discounted by a minimum of $50 or more per treatment.

A huge thank you to Cosmetic Laser for treating my Rosacea with IPL Photorejuvenation! I had my third treatment last week and I am seeing great results! I am also having the The EndyMed 3Deep Pro treatments for tightening and I am seeing reduced lines and subtle tighting results. I look at myself everyday so it has been interesting that others have noticed more of a difference than me which makes sense! Can’t wait for all of you to see before and after pictures in a few months!! — Jayne