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No, I don’t literally mean Kool Aid. In this particular case I’m talking about the Picosure and Picoway tattoo removal lasers, and the marketing hype surrounding them.

Picosecond Laser vs Nanosecond Laser

The industry standard for the last 30 years has been a nanosecond laser – or a laser with an ultrafast burst of laser energy that causes the ink of a tattoo to fracture under the skin. The new picosecond laser delivers an even faster burst of energy. The belief is that the faster the energy is delivered, the smaller the ink particles will be when they are fractured. It is also believe that because the ink particles are smaller, the body will remove them quicker. Some think the faster energy delivery makes the treatments less painful and that you will need fewer treatments. So let’s sum this up, here are the claims:


  • Smaller ink particles
  • Less treatments
  • Less Painful

Now let’s talk facts! There are NONE, ZERO! Double blind studies have been completed comparing the two different lasers that would support the claims being made. However, there are first hand patient accounts (Cosmetic Laser Center patients) that have tried the Picosure laser and reported that there wasn’t increased fading or less pain – but possibly more pain with that treatment. Additionally, some laser centers with the Picosure are still performing as many as 10 or more treatments to clear a tattoo! On top of this, the per session charge is approximately triple that of a standard Nanosecond laser.

So here is my advice: As one who has been removing tattoos for 16 years, if you choose to drink the Kool Aid they are pouring in your glass and believe the hype, make them give you a guarantee. I give a guarantee with every tattoo removal at the Cosmetic Laser Center. The guarantee reads like this “If I don’t remove the tattoo in the amount of treatments I guarantee you, you are treated at no additional charge until the tattoo is gone.”

So…if you choose not to drink the Kool Aid and get treatments with an “old technology” Nanosecond laser, you will still pay less than the treatments with the “vaunted “ Picosecond laser and it will probably take you the same amount of treatments or less.

Now I do have to qualify the statements with the fact that I have been removing tattoos for 16 years and I use the best Nanosecond laser available, the Quanta Q + C. I have developed proprietary techniques that allow me to remove the most difficult tattoos with fewer treatments and when they are finished, in most cases, you’ll never know the tattoo was there.

So you decide;
To drink the Kool Aid or not to drink the Kool Aid? That is the question.