Do Anti-Aging Creams Work? Why Fancy Products Impact your Wallet More Than Your Face

anti-aging creams, cosmetic laser surgery

The most magical effect that anti-aging creams have is the effect on your brain.

Unfortunately, that beautiful $150 bottle of rich moisturizer in your cabinet is just that, a lovely moisturizer…but not much else. It may help you sleep at night to think that this expensive product contains tiny wrinkle-erasing fairies that do their work while you snooze.

In reality, however, the only truly effective treatment is laser treatment.

The Hype

The history of the anti-aging product is nearly as long as human history itself. There’s documentation showing that ancient Romans, Egyptians and Chinese were even experimenting with anti-aging concoctions in B.C. times. Our desire to hold onto or even recapture the fresh look of youth is not a new one – we just have new ways to address it.

In recent years, the so-called “anti-aging” cream has permeated the beauty market, each one claiming to do more than the last, and each one attaching bigger price tags that seem to reflect their efficacy. Some women even seek out exorbitantly-priced products, convinced that they must be better than the drugstore variety.

The expensive ones normally come in a fancier bottle with even fancier marketing. What all that elegantly-worded copy doesn’t tell you is that it’s simply a cosmetic, whose effectiveness has not been scientifically proven. If any of them did actually cause a significant change to your skin’s structure, it would have to be tested and approved by the FDA. In that case, it would be treated as a drug, not a cosmetic.

Don’t get me wrong; many of these products contain great moisturizing agents and wonderful ingredients. The only problem: when applied topically, they just can’t get deep enough to make much of a difference. It would be like rubbing ibuprofen on your forehead to stop your headache. Even though peptides and retinol have useful properties, they can’t penetrate deeply enough to effect real change.

The Real Solution

Unlike topical treatments, laser treatments have deep, lasting effects that have been scientifically proven. While traditional laser treatments had negative side effects and required significant downtime, new options get results without the hassle.

One newer laser development is fractional resurfacing, which can actually claim the many miracles written on anti-aging products. Fractional resurfacing allows micro-beams of light to penetrate skin without heating the top layers. In the days of yore, the drawbacks of laser procedures were the discomfort and irritation associated with high levels of heat. This new technology, however, allows lasers to boost collagen production beneath the skin with minimal effect on the skin’s surface.

Before & After

Another exciting technology in the cosmetic laser world is the 3DEEP® treatment from EndyMed™. Unlike fractional resurfacing, 3DEEP® uses radio waves to stimulate the body in order to generate new collagen and connective tissue beneath the skin without causing discomfort on the skin’s surface. What sets 3DEEP® apart, though, is the fact that it can address superficial skin issues such as scarring, discoloration and dullness. Through the use of micro-fractional ablation, the treatment results in a smoother and brighter appearance in addition to penetrative wrinkle reduction.

While we await the discovery of the Fountain of Youth, there are several solutions that work in the meantime. Unfortunately for beauty seekers, anti-aging products are not one of those solutions.

As we age, our internal collagen factories slow down, but the regular use of sunscreen and daily moisturizers can help to prevent future collagen breakdown. If the damage is already done, however, stop wasting years and dollars on miracle products that will never deliver. Instead, take the money you would have spent on fancy creams over the next 20 years and put it towards a treatment that you can be sure will work.