The Iriderm Diolite Laser, also known as an Iriderm laser, helps create healthier looking skin by targeting affected areas using an intense beam of light. This is a beneficial treatment, especially with the harsh winters in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.

Also referred to as light therapy, this medically safe laser treatment is used to treat common skin conditions such as:

  • Age spots (a.k.a., sun spots or liver spots)
  • Red Capillaries
  • Freckles
  • Rosacea
  • Moles
  • Dry, wrinkled skin caused by sun damage

The Iriderm Laser light is absorbed by red blood cells that carry oxygen, and by the brown or black pigment in skin (melanin). Once treated, the red or pigmented skin cells decompose and fade, while the laser spares nearby healthy cells.


Iriderm Laser treatments are provided as an outpatient procedure in your doctor’s office. The treatment does NOT require an anesthesia and is usually completed in less than an hour.

After being seated in an exam chair, protective goggles are provided as the laser technician uses a special wand used to aim the gentle laser light at the treatment area. Occasionally, you may feel a brief stinging sensation during or shortly after the treatment.

Following your light therapy treatment the treated areas may appear slightly red, and will require that you temporarily use a moisturizer and avoid direct sun light.

Depending on the type or severity of your skin condition, you should see results in about 1 ½ to 3 weeks.