IPL Photorejuvenation

Considering IPL Photorejuvenation in Wausau? IPL is a non-invasive, non-ablative energy that targets sun-induced brown spots, freckles, birthmarks, and broken capillaries in the skin. You can expect that after a series of treatments, you will notice a significant reduction of unwanted pigmentation and redness in freckles, age spots, and rosacea. Most patients can resume most daily activities immediately after treatment and even schedule the treatments over their lunch hour! During a procedure, specific wavelengths of light are applied to the sun damaged or discolored area, breaking down the pigmentation. In some cases, it will be absorbed back into the body, and in other darker areas it will gently slough off about 14 days later, leaving you with clearer more beautiful skin. This procedure is approved by the FDA and works for any kind of skin damage. Come and see us at our Wausau clinic to learn more and see what it can do for a new you!

Fractional Resurfacing

Interested in your skin looking more youthful? Our Wausau location can show you how! Fractional Resurfacing Laser treatment works both for reducing the signs of aging as well as more serious skin conditions such as scar removal and stretch marks. The treatment itself is done with a state of the art laser that penetrates only the first 1mm of the skin to coagulate tissue that is damaged. This is only done on about 40% of the skin area, then the body’s natural antibodies take over. Healthy tissue around the area begins to help the process of rebuilding, forming more collagen in the area which produces a more healthy youthful glow. During the procedure itself you will feel a slight stinging sensation but our technicians are careful to keep discomfort at a minimum. Afterwards downtime is minimal, within about 24 hours the redness and swelling will abate. Most clients see results in as little as 3-8 treatments. Come in to talk with us more about the results you are looking for with your skin treatment.

EndyMed 3DEEP Pro / Skin Tightening

Ready to make some changes to your appearance? If you’re dismayed about the state of your skin, come into our Wausau location so we can talk about what EndyMed 3DEEP Pro can do for you. If you’re looking to lessen wrinkles and give your skin a firmer and more toned appearance, you’re going to love this amazing pain-free procedure. EndyMed 3DEEP Pro is non-invasive face lift and skin tightening treatment that utilizes radio frequency technology to treat problem areas with virtually no downtime. In addition,EndyMed 3DEEP Pro has perfected a new method for applying the energy to the skin using a sophisticated technology that controls the divergence of energy that directs radio frequency waves through the epidermis resulting in collagen remodeling and volumetric tightening. By delivering energy to the deepest layers of skin, the 3DEEP stimulates new collagen production and improves skin surface texture. Our patients report that the procedure is relaxing and feels like a hot facial massage! With the correct amount of treatment you’ll see subtle result that transform over the process making you look more youthful in a few weeks. Your friends in Wausau will be amazed at the difference!