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What’s more permanent in life than a tattoo?

You can get a divorce, sell your house, even get a new face. But, today with the ever-increasing rate of terrible tattoos, it may be wiser to think twice and ink once (or maybe never).

Pay close attention as we detail the potential pitfalls of a bad tattoo and how to ensure that your next endeavor in skin expression is a success. But no worries, we can help fix these regrets with one of our Madison WI, Green Bay and Milwaukee tattoo removal locations.

1. Too Young to Choose

It’s a biological fact: teenagers make impulsive decisions. The frontal cortex, which is the part of the brain in charge of reasoning, is not fully developed until well into adulthood. That means that even the smartest young people are literally not able to make reasonable decisions. No joke.

Most of us remember some of the horrendous decisions we made as teens and young adults. Fortunately for us, most of those decisions don’t remain as physical marks on our body for years to come. Until the brain’s decision-making zone is as developed as its instinct functions, people shouldn’t be making long-term decisions.

2. Love Gone Wrong

tattoo removal milwaukeePerhaps the king of all regrettable tattoos is the relationship gone wrong tattoo. It even happens to celebrities. Just ask Angelina Jolie – during her somewhat insane marriage to second husband Billy Bob Thornton, she got a dragon tattoo with his name. It’s also rumored that she wore a vial around her neck that was filled with his blood…but that’s a whole other story.

Jolie, like many before her and surely many after her, eventually had the tattoo removed. Who wants a reminder of a failed relationship every day for the rest of their lives? Not only does it stir up bad memories, but it impedes future relationships. To most, a tattoo of a past partner’s name would be a warning sign and a deterrent.

3. Passing Fads

I really don’t know which is worse to have on your body forever – a former partner’s name or nerdy hipster glasses forever inked on your face. Many people get tattoos of things they’re passionate about, which is great. What’s not great is when that passion is a temporary one that becomes laughable in the future.

Avoid getting tattoos that involve recent happenings in pop culture or brand-new interests. What can seem cool today, may end up being the punch line of a joke a few years from now.

4. MistakesTattoo removal wisconsin

Unfortunately, tattoo guns don’t come pre-loaded with spellcheck. That’s been made apparent by the cringe-worthy tattoo fails featured on sites like BuzzFeed. Your deep life philosophy doesn’t have quite the same effect when it’s misspelled.

Though they aren’t quite as popular as they used to be, we still see a lot of tattoos in foreign languages. That’s all well and good when the tattooed person speaks that language. However, when people find translations online, problems often ensue. Take poor Hayden Panettiere had the Italian words for “Live without regrets” tattooed on her side. It’s just too bad that it’s spelled wrong.

5. Under the Influence

We all know that friend (or friend of a friend) who woke up after a particularly celebratory night with a mystery tattoo. There’s really not much to say about this. Just don’t get tattoos after drinking – you really shouldn’t do anything but eat a hamburger and go to bed after heavy drinking.

Not all tattoos have to come with lifelong regrets. Check out these tips to avoid living with permanent reminders of your bad decision making.

  • Find a Good Artist

When you buy art for your home, you probably spend a good amount of time picking out an artist you like – after all, you’re going to see that painting every time you walk into your living room. Shouldn’t you put the same effort towards finding a tattoo artist you trust and whose past work you like?

Do some online research, get recommendations, see samples of their work and even go talk to them in person to determine if you’ll feel comfortable working with them. And remember, this is not the time to pinch pennies. You wouldn’t search for the cheapest surgeon, would you? Find the best, not the most cost-effective.

  • Take Your Time

When it comes to choosing and designing a tattoo, don’t rush. In fact, don’t even rush making the decision to get a tattoo in the first place. Mull it over for a couple of months before you even begin looking for the right artist. If the idea seems just as good after your deliberation period, then you can be more confident making your decision.

  • Do Your Research

If you’re planning a tattoo that is rife with symbols, foreign words, special shapes or colors, be sure to do your research so that you get it exactly right. You might not notice a mistake, but chances are, you’ll eventually come across people who do know better and they’ll probably take great pleasure in pointing out the mistake and witnessing your shame.

  • Take Care

Tattoos need to be treated like skin injuries and babied with proper care until they fully heal. If you don’t follow your tattoo artist’s precise care instructions, you can risk infection or distorting the image. You wouldn’t want to pay big bucks for a beautiful tattoo only to have it ruined by your lack of care.

  • Laser Tattoo Removal – Your Last, Best Choice
Dove Tattoo Removal - Prior to Treatment


Your grandpa’s forearm pinup girl tattoo was forever. Luckily today, your Justin Bieber tattoo may last just about as long as his career.

Dove Tattoo Removal after 7th session


We’re lucky enough to live in a time in which tattoo removal is a viable option. If it’s too late for you and you already have a tattoo that you can’t stand looking at, why not solve the problem permanently?

You may have an antiquated idea of tattoo

removal; one that involves endless painful sessions and just leaves a faded, smudgy version of your original ink. That just isn’t so anymore. Modern technologies and qualified technicians can get rid of your tattoo without forcing you to endure pain or leaving you with scarring.

Laser treatments work by passing harmless energy through the skin, where it comes in contact with the ink, fragmenting the ink particles and causing them to disappear over time. Most tattoos require a few treatments, but each one only lasts a few minutes.

There’s never a guarantee that you’ll like your tattoo 20 or 30 years from now. The old man or woman that you’ll become may look back and think and curse the young buck who thought it was a great idea to get a nautical compass on their lower back. Se la vie.

The only caution you can take is to think long and hard about a tattoo before taking the plunge. Heck, get the tattoo artist to draw it on you in permanent marker and walk around with it for a week to see how you feel. And, if all else fails, take advantage of modern technology and get that sucker removed.