Laser Tattoo Removal Green Bay WisconsinDespite its ranking as the third biggest city in the state of Wisconsin, Green Bay has a small town feel that cannot be denied. Our state of the art facility for tattoo removal in Green Bay rivals our larger cities to the south, no need to go any further to discuss your wishes to have your tattoo removed or enhanced! Our trained technicians will go over all the options for your laser tattoo removal in our Green Bay location in clear and concise language so you know what to expect pre and post procedure. We know that choosing to removal a tattoo is a decision that people spend a lot of time considering and we can help make the decision process as pain free as possible. Here at the Cosmetic Laser Center we guarantee our work and will give you a realistic idea of how many sessions it will take to remove your unwanted tattoo. Contact our licensed technicians today to answer any question or concerns you may have. We are dedicated to our customers and care about what we do. Visit us in Green Bay for your laser tattoo evaluation on removing unwanted artwork from your body so you can feel at peace again.

Visit us at our Green Bay Location:

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Phone: 920-544-5566

The Tattoo Removal Guarantee

The Cosmetic Laser Center will guarantee a maximum number of treatments for every tattoo we treat.

The guarantee is based upon the intervals set fourth by your Technician. Treatments will be 12 weeks apart in the beginning and 6 months apart for the last couple of treatments but the treatment intervals will always be at the complete discretion of the Technician. These intervals allow the body the appropriate amount of time to remove the treated ink.

If we fail to remove the tattoo in the guaranteed amount of treatments you will be treated at no additional charge until the tattoo is gone.